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Exciting new project


Working wth our partner Iga Learning CIO we are supporting new arrivals to the country to gain the skills they need to enable integration and work towards citizenship.

We are happy to say we have been able to gain funding for stage 1, classes are currently being taught at Iga's offices in Oldham.

The programme is called "Focussed Futures" and is succesive to some of the great foundation work in conversational English taught effectively by Iga for the past few years.

Stage 1 

Functional Skills English with Citizenship and access to Public services.

This part of the programme is aimed at supporting learners achieve an accredited qualification in English (Entry - level 2) whilst providing learning required to enable new arrivals gain skills towards their Life in the UK and SELT exams.

Stage 2


This pathway would allow students to form their own route to their chosen career. This project would be run over a 14-week period completing 4 accredited qualifications (including Level 1/2 English and Maths and 2x Level 2 QNUK workplace qualifications) with bespoke employment focussed units, which would lead them directly into specific sector-based employment. At the start of stage 2 learners can gain information to consider career pathways, they can then complete this course by choosing 2 out 5 great fully accredited workplace qualifications.

Ethical have developed a comprehensive enrichment programme for this course aimed at supporting the learner into gainful sustainable employment or move to our academic route to Stage 3.

Stage 3

The learner is ready to enter the workplace at this stage with the possibility of an apprenticeship or choose our more academic route.

This course delivers further English and Maths skills if required, alongside a Principles of management Level 3 Btec Certificate. 

Emphasis on enrichment at this stage exploring routes to university and work experience placements, providing information on student finance, facilitation of University experience.


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